Lending & Credit

8 May 17
Stricter regulations aim to constrain the growth of leverage in the country.
3 May 17
These new measures are likely to be negative for corporate bonds.
19 Apr 17
Bloomberg says China’s shadow banking is back in full swing.
17 Apr 17
The share of new loans with high loan-to-value ratio fell to 22.3% in December.
5 Apr 17
Regulators issued new limits on interest-only mortgages.
4 Apr 17
Almost a fifth of corporate debt is supported by cash flows that do not fully cover interest expenses.
31 Mar 17
China Construction Bank and Agbank reported lower NPL ratios.
29 Mar 17
Loan growth increased the most in overseas markets.
28 Mar 17
Higher borrowing costs seem to be a boon for them.
27 Mar 17
The additional capital would balance the banks' higher risk appetite for China-related activities.
24 Mar 17
It accounted for 17.3% of the banks' balance sheets.
21 Mar 17
The banks' oil & gas woes are still not over.
3 Mar 17
Loan approvals also contracted 5.1% in January 2017.
28 Feb 17
UOB has the lowest O&G exposure.
9 Feb 17
Mortgage loans of Hong Kong banks only totalled US$144b in 2016.
7 Feb 17
Total outstanding household loans grew at a slower rate of 5% in 2016.
6 Feb 17
DBS has the largest exposure to Ezra at US$452m.
1 Feb 17
The banks' credit quality is still worsening.
19 Jan 17
Growth will be driven by consumer loans.
17 Jan 17
Thanks to the launch of the Chongqing Connectivity Initiative.
16 Jan 17
Downside risks to the banks' balance sheets loom.
16 Dec 16
Thanks to Sahaviriya Steel Industries' reclassification.
15 Dec 16
Deleveraging efforts increases risks to banks' asset quality.
14 Dec 16
It's to finance startups in Guangdong.
9 Dec 16
But analysts think this scenario is "too pessimistic".
6 Dec 16
Growth slowed to 2.3% as at end-September 2016.
28 Nov 16
Majority of new NPLs are to oil service companies.
22 Nov 16
Hong Kong banks' exposure is still the largest at 48.5%.
18 Nov 16
But NPLs are unlikely to escalate.
9 Nov 16
Borrowers relying on such financing could be at risk of a credit crunch.
9 Nov 16
Bloomberg says the Agricultural Bank of China's recent $215m fine is proof.
2 Nov 16
Consumer debts comprise 24.4% of Chinese banks' loans.
1 Nov 16
Lending fell for the 12th consecutive month.
26 Oct 16
Distressed eurozone countries are the worst hit.
12 Oct 16
Non-household loan growth slowed to 2.2%.
7 Oct 16
It has been two years since Chinese banks have seen their luck turn sour with raising NPLs and decreasing profits.
4 Oct 16
He receives the baton from Lawrence Chia.
30 Sep 16
It expanded at the same pace it did in July.
28 Sep 16
Working capital loans still dominate.