Southeast Asia

Economic crises can be avoided by using the Islamic financing paradigm

Financial system based on shariah, or Islamic law, is a better strategy than traditional finance in light of the recent difficulties in the global economy. The area of the global financial system with the quickest growth has been Islamic finance. Because of the high level of innovation that has kept up with the changing demands for financial products and services as economics continues to change and expand, this growth has also been in quality and depth. The increased availability of profit-loss sharing savings, investing, and other structured finance-based instruments is significant.

How Banks Can Accelerate Financial Inclusion in Southeast Asia

Thanks to the pandemic, the uncertainty of the world economy has been especially devastating  for those living on the poverty threshold and struggling to make ends meet. Many in this  demographic lost much-needed jobs as the economy shrunk, while others hustled on the side, for  example, as food sellers, to continue to put bread on the table. 

Boom or bust? Buy now pay later flourishes but with default risks rising

Rising rates and tightening policies hurt borrowers’ repayment capacities and push up operating costs.

BRI employs AI ‘brain’ to merge its digital and physical presence

BRIBrain has helped the bank reduce loan application times from 2 weeks to 2 minutes