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Singapore’s push into ESG investing

Transparent and trustworthy reporting standards made Singapore a regional financial hub. Can it do the same with green investing?

Singapore’s push into ESG investing

Transparent and trustworthy reporting standards made Singapore a regional financial hub. Can it do the same with green investing?

The ISO 20022 Journey: Connected, Market-Ready and Native

Deck:  Banks need to embrace a three-part journey to truly deploy ISO 20022 and reap the detailed data and digital modernisation rewards.

Why the banking and finance sector should not fear AI

As digital adoption hastens, there is now more data than ever. Just in 2020, data volume amounted to 59 trillion gigabytes globally and is expected to grow to more than 180 zettabytes by 2025. Yet, for all this abundance of data, the financial services industry remains surprisingly information-poor. Rapid change is needed if the industry is to unlock the riches of its data and turn what is currently a problem into an opportunity. 

Low-code/no-code technology elevates financial processes

Labour-intensive tasks become a thing of the past as citizen developers create custom solutions with Intelligent Automation.

What you need to know about Singapore’s VCC structure

Fund managers can now use different fund strategies as one entity.

Citibank Asia invests in transformation to keep winning through

Agility, innovation, flexibility, and fast results defined the bank’s new strategy. Citibank Asia’s director of Applications, Himanshu “HeMan” Shrivastava, acknowledged the challenges Citibank Asia faced to stay and win in the competition; and how investing in the right solutions made a huge difference.

Beating the banking disruptors with digital decoupling

TIBCO Software’s head of Financial Services UK & Ireland, Richard Price, gives much-needed insights on how traditional banks can keep up with the times.

Navigating the Personalisation and Privacy Paradox in the Context of Digital Transformation of Banking in Southeast Asia

Despite the pandemic, Southeast Asia’s commercial and retail banking vertical has been flourishing, with investors ready to fund more digital banking initiatives in the region.

Mitigating business risks and ensuring regulatory compliance through robust due diligence

Nexis Diligence™, from LexisNexis® allows organisations to access extensive business intelligence through a convenient single interface.

Meeting the challenges of SME Banking during the COVID-19 pandemic

Understanding the needs of SMEs is key to a bank’s sustainability—and even success—during the current crisis.

Binance Labs Announces Strategic Investment in NFKings, NFT Creatives and Production Company

Binance Labs, the venture capital arm and incubator of Binance, today announced its strategic investment in NFKings, a leading NFT creatives and production company with over 100 intellectual properties (IPs), to contribute to building a sustainable digital creativity space.

Balancing regulatory driver and customer experience in financial institutions

Technology innovation is enhancing customer experience, empowering seamless customer authentication in financial services

Four ways to increase share of wallet in the financial services industry

Harish Agarwal, Head of Customer Experience Strategy for SEA, India and Hong Kong, Qualtrics.

Strengthening business resilience through EPM

In today’s turbulent economy, the ability to make quick and sound decisions can make or break an organisation.

25-year anniversary: From startup to global FinTech company 

The Swiss software company CREALOGIX is today celebrating 25 years in business. Established as an innovative startup, CREALOGIX has now grown to be a global FinTech company but has not lost its original pioneering spirit. To mark a quarter of a century in existence, CREALOGIX is gifting itself new,  modern and sustainable office space in Zurich. 

Creating a more ESG-compliant business: Here’s what you should know

Effective ESG implementation in a company’s framework is more than just conceiving a vision and aligning it with their goals.

Find out how your finance app ranks against the best performers in the industry

Adjust and Apptopia provide an overview of mobile finance in the Mobile Finance Report 2020. Mobile finance is quickly establishing itself as an integral part of everyone’s daily lives, whether that’s in advanced economies—where mobile apps provide an unparalleled ease of use—or in emerging markets—where mobile finance is bringing banking services to people historically out of reach of the banking industry.